High Performance Computing cluster

CWRU´s UTech has offered the use of their High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster to those DataFest participants that are interested in using it.  HPC has many of the common data analytics tools already installed, e.g. R, Python and matlab, and of course powerful computing!  Access to the cluster has to be setup in advance, so if you think you might want to use it contact us at datafest@case.edu. We will have some introductory videos on the basics of using the HPC cluster.


Links to various resources

Here we have collected links to seminars, workshops, online tutorials and other resources that we have found.  It is R heavy since that what I use most.  If you know of useful links about matlab, python or other useful programs, feel free to contact me and I’ll add them to the list.


Useful local seminars

UTech offers a variety of training opportunities, e.g. on visualization with GNUPlot (February 28) and on R (March 7 and 14). Registration required.



About R and RStudio

RStudio is a convenient program to use the statistical programming environment R. Keeps code, command line, graphics etc. in one window. You need to have R installed to be able to use RStudio.  Note that both R and RStudio publish new versions a few times each year and it is a good idea to update them – and your packages – regularly.

Downloads and manuals at r-project.org (Links to an external site) and rstudio.com (Links to an external site).

If you have not used R before the following might be helpful:

For information on specific things the R-intro (Links to an external site) document is a good source (but long).