Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. At both the master’s and the doctoral levels, students may pursue degrees in mathematics or applied mathematics.

A student must satisfy all of the general requirements of the graduate school as well as the more specific requirements of the department to earn either a master’s or doctoral degree. Each graduate student is assigned a faculty advisory committee during the first year of study. The committee’s primary responsibility is to help the student plan an appropriate and sufficiently broad program of course work and study that will satisfy both the degree requirements and the special interests of the student. With the aid of the advisory committee, each student must present a study plan indicating how he or she intends to satisfy the requirements for a graduate degree.



Please note: Currently, admission to the PhD program in statistics is frozen due to reorganization of the program. Please check with the department for the latest update.

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and to the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Graduate assistantships, both with teaching responsibilities and with research duties, are available to qualified applicants. The dual core of the MS program is mathematical statistics and modern data analysis, with the option of a special Entrepreneurial Track. Expanding from this core, students develop technical facility in a variety of statistical methodologies. This breadth of competence is designed to equip graduates to go beyond the appropriate choice of method for implementation and to be able to adapt these techniques and to construct new methods to meet the specific objectives and constraints of new situations.