An education option is available with the B.A. degree in mathematics. Ohio teacher licensure can be attained by those undergraduate students who complete a second major through the Case Western Reserve University Program in Teacher Education.

Degrees and recommendation for licensure in these programs are awarded by Case Western Reserve University

The mathematics requirements are essentially those of the regular mathematics B.A. program. A student in the program should take MATH 150, MATH 304, and STAT 312 as the three mathematics electives listed in the B.A. degree requirements.

The teacher education major is composed of 34 credits of course work.

Learn more on the CWRU Teacher Education program website, where you can find course descriptions, information about state licensure, prerequisites, and program requirements.

A student interested in this program should see an advisor as early as possible in order to see that all the major, minor, and general education courses are scheduled appropriately. A student must apply for and be accepted into the program.


For further information, see:

Denise K. Davis, Ed.D.
Director, Teacher Education

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center
11635 Euclid Avenue Room 417
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7108