The holder of a bachelor’s degree from any accredited college or university is eligible for consideration for admission to our graduate program. It is normally expected that entering graduate students will possess basic competence in advanced calculus and linear algebra.

In addition to completing the online application form for admission and submitting transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate study, applicants are also required to take the General (Aptitude) Section of the Graduate Record Examination in time to have their scores on file at Case Western Reserve University when their applications are being considered. Three letters of recommendation are required from individuals who are able to assess the applicant’s mathematical ability.

Foreign students for whom English is not the native language and who have not completed a baccalaureate or master’s degree program from a University where instruction was primarily done in English must submit TOEFL scores.

For full consideration for fall admission, all application materials should be received by December 15 for applicants to the PhD program.

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