Who is eligible to compete?

All undergraduate students from the whole CWRU community are encouraged to participate.
Due to limited space, if more than 40 students sign up, preference will be given to seniors.  We expect to offer this event every year so more junior students will have later opportunities to participate.

How large are the teams?

Teams can be made up of 2-5 students.

What do I need to compete?

All you need is a laptop with your favorite tools for data analysis (there is no limitation on which software you use) and enthusiasm for data.

Do we have to stay the entire time?

No. You may come and go as you please. However, you are not allowed to work on the project except while you are on ASA DataFestTMgrounds, and at least 3 members of your team must attend the introduction.

What can I win?

ASA student memberships, medals, books, fame, glory, or some combination thereof…

What about graduate students?

We would love to have PhD students get involved as VIP Consultants during the event. 

Other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jenný Brynjarsdóttir and Dr. Anirban Mondal with any questions.