The Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Case Western Reserve University is an active center for mathematical and statistical research. Faculty members conduct research in algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, asymptotic statistics, Bayesian statistics, convexity, dynamical systems, geometry, imaging, inverse problems, life sciences applications, mathematical biology, modeling, numerical analysis, probability, scientific computing, spatial statistics, stochastic systems and other areas.

The department offers a variety of programs leading to both undergraduate and graduate degrees in traditional and applied mathematics and statistics. Undergraduate degrees are Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in mathematics, Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics, and Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in statistics. Together with the Department of Physics, it offers a specialized joint Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics. Graduate degrees are Master of Science in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics, and Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. The Integrated BS/MS program allows a student to earn a Bachelor of Science in either Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics and a Master’s degree from the department or another department in five years. The department, in cooperation with the college’s teacher licensure program and John Carroll University, offers a program for individuals interested in pre-college teaching.

Professor Calvetti to Speak at the Mid-Atlantic Numerical Analysis Conference

Professor Daniela Calvetti will speak at the Mid-Atlantic Numerical Analysis Conference on November 15, 2019. This one-day Conference is being held at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Calvetti’s talk is titled “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Numerical Linear Algebra in Bayesian Inverse Problems.”

Professor Barbaro Recently Featured on the SIAM Homepage

Dr. Alethea Barbaro was recently featured on the SIAM publication’s homepage, for a recent joint article with researchers, Björn Birnir and Sam Subbey. The article, titled “The Capelin: Key to Predicting Global Warming Effects on Arctic Environments,” focuses on the capelin, a small fish that lives in Arctic and subarctic waters. Their primary research focuses on simulating and predicting the migration routes and life cycles of three of the several stocks of capelin worldwide.

Dr. David Gurarie Featured in the Lancet Global Health Journal

Dr. Gurarie’s article, “Improving public health control of schistosomiasis with a modified WHO strategy: a model-based comparison study”, was recently featured in the Lancet Global Health Journal.  The article is in collaboration with Charles King, MD, Nathan C Lo, MD, Xuwei Zhu, and Emily Y Li.

Two CWRU mathematicians muse about why the Democrats may have trouble picking a 2020 presidential candidate

Alexander Strang, a PhD candidate in mathematics, and Dr. Peter Thomas, professor of mathematics, wrote about how math can provide insight into how the race for the Democratic nominee for president could play out. Check out the full article here.  The interview is also available as a podcast through npr.

Upcoming Talks and Presentations

The Department is accepting PhD and MS applications for Fall 2020! For full consideration, applications should be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • PhD: December 15, 2019
  • MS: March 1, 2020

For additional information, please visit the admissions page or contact us at


Department tutoring sessions will end the last day of class, December 6, 2019.

MAMS Fall 2019 Tutoring Schedule

Monday: 2:30PM – 5:00PM | Yost 343

Tuesday: 11:00AM – 1:30PM | Yost 247

Wednesday: 2:30PM – 5:00PM | Yost 343

Thursday: 11:00AM – 1:30PM | Yost 247

Monday: 1:00PM – 3:30PM | Yost 247

Tuesday: 11:30AM – 2:00PM | Yost 343

Wednesday: 1:00PM – 3:30PM | Yost 247

Thursday: 11:30AM – 2:00PM | Yost 343

Monday: 11:00AM – 1:30PM | Yost 343

Tuesday: 2:30PM – 5:00PM | Yost 247

Wednesday: 11:00AM – 1:30PM | Yost 343

Thursday: 2:30PM – 5:00PM |Yost 247

MAMS Colloquium Series: Ulises Fidalgo, Lecturer (CWRU, Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics)

Friday, December 6, 2019 | 3:15pm | Yost 306

Title: Simultaneous Rational Approximation

*Light refreshments will be served prior to the talk.