General Questions

1. What are the faculty member’s fields of interest?

Our faculty members cover a wide range of mathematical fields. Click here to see the department’s research areas and the faculty members involved.

2. Does the department offer spring admission?

The Department does not offer spring admission for PhD nor Master’s applicants. BS/MS applicants can be admitted during the spring.

3. How many students are usually accepted for the fall semester?

The number of students admitted each year fluctuates depending upon several factors. These factors include but are not limited to: the amount of office space available and the departmental budget.

4. Do international students have the same opportunity to receive an assistantship as domestic students?

Case Western Reserve University is an equal opportunity organization, as such all students regardless of race, gender or religion are given the same opportunity.

5. How do I apply for the BS/MS program in mathematics?

6. What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied, or interdisciplinary, mathematics, concerns the development and implementation of mathematics and mathematical methods in other subjects, ranging from physics, engineering and computer technology through biology and medicine to economics and business.

7. Does the department offer tours prior to submitting an application or prior to admission?

The math department does not offer tours. Meetings with the department chair can be arranged if sufficient advanced notice is given and if the chair is available. The Graduate Studies department may be able to assist in general University tours.

8. Is a master’s degree required to apply to the PhD program?

No, you do not need a master’s degree to apply to the PhD program in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.

Application and Fees

9. How do I apply for the Graduate Program and how much is the application fee?

You may apply by clicking here.  The application fee is $50.00 and is nonrefundable.

10. Is it possible to be waive the application fee?

There is an application fee waiver available for students experiencing financial hardship. Once you have begun the application process, please reach out to department staff at and request the applicable fee waiver code, once it is confirmed that an application has been started staff will provide the code accordingly.

11. Can my application be reviewed prior to sending in the fee?

No, the fee is considered part of the application. Your application will be considered incomplete if the fee is not received. Your application will not be reviewed unless it is complete.

12. How should the application fee be paid?

Online application fees must be paid by credit card. Paper based applications are no longer accepted. The fee may be paid only by credit card at this time.

13. What are the department’s application deadlines?

For full consideration, all application materials should be received by the following deadlines:

  • PhD: December 15, 2021
  • MS: March 1, 2022

University and Departmental Test and Score Requirements

14. What code should I give ETS to submit my GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores?

Use only the institution code 1105.

15. What tests are required by the mathematics department and the university?

The university requires the TOEFL for all international applicants; for the Department of Mathematics the GRE General test is preferred, but only optional.

16. Is the TOEFL required?

Yes. The TOEFL is required by the university. If an applicant holds an undergraduate, graduate, or other qualifying degree, the language test requirement will be waived if you have completed a bachelors or master’s degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction.

17. Can the TSE replace the TOEFL test?

No. The university requires the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE-Academic tests; the TSE is not acceptable.

18. May I submit copies of my test scores and then submit the official records if I am accepted to the program?

No. Copies of test are no longer accepted. Official scores are required at the time the application is submitted. If you are awaiting a test date you may submit an application, but it will be considered INCOMPLETE until official scores have been submitted.

19. Does the department recommend a student take the GRE Subject?

No. Neither the university, nor the department requires taking the GRE Subject test.

20. If I have already taken the GRE Subject test for Math, may I use it in place of the GRE General?

Ideally the Department of Mathematics prefers the GRE General test for all applicants, however it is optional.

21. Are there minimum test scores required for admission?

There is no minimum required GRE score because it is optional; however the score, if provided, will be used in admissions decisions. See language test score standards below:

Supplementary Materials

22. Do I have to submit a transcript for all colleges and universities I attended?

You are required to identify all post-secondary educational institutions you have attended on your application form, and to submit a transcript from each.

23. From whom should I obtain letters of recommendation?

Three letters of recommendation must be submitted from those individuals sufficiently familiar with you, and who can assess your academic preparation, abilities and accomplishments. Letters should be from your most recent instructors in your proposed field of study. If you have been out of school for several years, one letter may be from your employer, supervisor or other person familiar with your most recent activities.

24. What do professors from other universities need to do if they want to fill out a recommendation form online? Is there an exact Internet or email address to forward letters?

Recommendation forms can be submitted online only for those students that applied online. There is no one Internet or email address.

When you fill out an online application, you will choose whether or not to have each recommendation submitted online.  If you choose “Yes” to the “recommend online” question on the online application, an email with a link and instructions on how to fill out the recommendation is sent directly to the individual’s email address (which you will provide).

If you do not fill out an online application or do not choose to have the recommendation forms submitted electronically, the other option is for the professor to send the recommendations directly to you in a sealed envelope with his/her signature across the seal to forward to the university or they may send it directly to the department in a sealed envelope with his/her signature across the seal.

25. How do I submit my Statement of Objective or Personal Statement?

You may insert your Statement during the online application process. If you are having problems or have already submitted your application, please email your Statement as a pdf to the Graduate Admissions Staff at

26. How should transcripts be submitted?

You may submit official transcripts by mail to the School of Graduate Studies at the following mailing address:

Case Western Reserve University
School of Graduate Studies, Tomlinson 203
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44106-7027

Unofficial transcripts may now be uploaded to your online application.  If your university offers official electronic transcripts, you may have them sent to  Unofficial transcripts are for review purposes only; if you are recommended for acceptance, you will be required to submit official transcripts before you will be admitted.

The colleges or universities should mail official transcripts directly to you to be submitted, unopened. (If that is against the institution’s policy, the transcripts can be mailed directly to the university.) If admitted while you are completing a degree, you must arrange to have the final transcript with the posted degree sent directly to the School of Graduate Studies. All transcripts, or academic records, must be official documents. If not issued directly by the university as original documents, they should be notarized full-sized photocopies.

Review Process

27. How long does the application review process take?

The application review process, once begun, takes at least one month to complete. Most students will receive notification by April.

28. If I am accepted, how will I be notified?

If you are accepted, the Office of Graduate Studies will first send an official formal acceptance letter via email. Following the official email, you will receive a departmental acceptance letter outlining the terms of your acceptance

29. Whom should I contact if I want to find out the status of my application?

For questions about your individual status please contact the department’s Graduate Admissions Staff at

For more admissions FAQs, click here.