Dr. Guo wins the Innovation Week’s invention award

Dr. Weihong Guo won the Innovation Week’s invention award for her patent with a former PhD student Richard Lartey (now at Cleveland Clinic Foundation) and Medtronic¬†Distinguished Scientist and Technical Fellow Qingguo Zeng. The patent is entitled¬†Graph Total Variation for ECGI.¬†Systems and methods for graph total variation (GTV) based reconstruction of electrical potentials on a cardiac surface are disclosed. GTV-based systems and methods incorporate information about the graph structure of the heart surface as well as imposing sparsity constraints on neighboring nodes. To this end, the present disclosure uses a novel way of calculating derivatives on irregular meshes, and provides a fast solver to compute an inverse solution more efficiently than in previous systems and methods. Moreover, fast-changing signals can be recovered with less smoothing and thus greater fidelity to the original signals.