The BA degree in mathematics requires at least 38 hours of mathematics courses, including:

MATH 121 Calculus for Science and Engineering I 4
MATH 122 Calculus for Science and Engineering II 4
or MATH 124 Calculus II
MATH 223 Calculus for Science and Engineering III 3
or MATH 227 Calculus III
MATH 224 Elementary Differential Equations 3
or MATH 228 Differential Equations
MATH 307 Linear Algebra 3
MATH 308 Introduction to Abstract Algebra 3
MATH 321 Fundamentals of Analysis I 3
MATH 322 Fundamentals of Analysis II 3
MATH 324 Introduction to Complex Analysis 3
or MATH 425 Complex Analysis I
Three approved technical electives * 9
ENGR 131 Elementary Computer Programming ** 3
or MATH 330 Introduction of Scientific Computing
Total Units 41

In addition the degree requirements above, student are expected to complete University SAGES requirements and maintain compliance within the College of Arts and Sciences.

*  No more than one can be from outside the department.
**  Or other approved computer science course.

Teacher Licensure

The Department offers a special option for undergraduate students who wish to pursue a mathematics major and a career in teaching.  The Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Teacher Education Program in Integrated Mathematics prepares CWRU students to receive an Ohio Teaching License for grades 7-12.  Students declare a second major in Education – which involves 34 hours in education and practicum requirement – and complete a planned sequence of mathematics content courses within the context of a mathematics major.  The program is designed to offer several unique features not found in other programs and to place students in mentored teaching situations throughout their teacher preparation career.  This small, rigorous program is designed to capitalize on the strengths of the Department, the CWRU Teacher Education Program, and the relationships the University has built with area schools.

The requirements of the program are:

(a) Completion of the BA program in mathematics, including the following as the three approved technical electives.:

MATH 150 Mathematics from a Mathematician’s Perspective 3
MATH 304 Discrete Mathematics 3
STAT 312 Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science 3
Total Units 9


(b) The completion of a second major in Education. Students interested in this option should consult the description of the Teacher Licensure Program elsewhere in the university bulletin or contact the director of teacher licensure.