Dr. Daniela Calvetti was in the organizing committee of the SIAM Uncertainty Quantification 2024 conference in Trieste, Italy at the end of February, and was a main organizer of a satellite event on the Power of Diversity in Uncertainty Quantification. Here is a clip from the national Italian Television News about this conference where she is interviewed about her role in bring the meeting to Trieste.

SIAM UQ is the conference of the SIAM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification and is co-sponsored by the American Statistical Association (ASA). Close to a thousand participants from more than thirty countries attended over 250 talks over a period of four days in the picturesque city of Trieste – the city of coffee! Dr. Calvetti, as one of the co-chairs of the previous conference, was instrumental in bringing the SIAM UQ 2024 conference to Italy.

UQ is application-driven and inherently interdisciplinary, relying on a broad range of mathematical and statistical foundations, domain knowledge, and algorithmic and computational tools. SIAM UQ conferences  baring together mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, engineers, and others interested in the theory, development, and application of UQ methods. Major conference themes include mathematical and statistical foundations, data-driven approaches and computational advances, applications of UQ in biology, medicine, environmental and climate sciences, decision making for societal benefit, and all areas of physical science and engineering. The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas between diverse groups from academia, industry, and government laboratories, thereby enhancing communication and contributing to future advances in the field.

Dr. Calvetti also organized the satellite event Power of Diversity (PoD) in UQ, an event dedicated to welcoming young researchers, especially from under-represented groups, and making them acquainted with the overall topic of the UQ24 conference and with each other. The event featured overview and spotlight talks from well known researchers in the field, and plenty of opportunities for networking.

This event was featured on the SIAM news webpage.