A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved course work, at least 18 of which must be at the 400 level or higher, is required for the MS degree in mathematics. The 30 credit hours required for graduation must include 6 credits from two of the following three basic areas:

Abstract Algebra 6
MATH 401
Abstract Algebra I
MATH 402
Abstract Algebra II
Analysis 6
MATH 423
Introduction to Real Analysis I
MATH 424
Introduction to Real Analysis II
or MATH 425
Complex Analysis I
Geometry and Topology 6
MATH 461
Introduction to Topology
MATH 462
Algebraic Topology
MATH 465
Differential Geometry
MATH 467
Differentiable Manifolds

The student must pass a comprehensive oral examination on three areas, two of which must be selected from the basic ones listed above (although no particular courses are specified). The third area for the examination may be any approved subject.

A student in the MS program in mathematics may substitute the comprehensive exam examination requirement with an expository or original thesis, which will count as 6 credit hours of course work. The thesis will be defended in the course of an oral examination, during which the student will be questioned about the thesis and related topics. These two variants correspond to the graduate school’s plan A and plan B.