A student in the traditional mathematics program must demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts and techniques of algebra, analysis (real and complex), and topology. This includes taking all courses in the three basic areas, and successfully completing qualifying examinations in algebra and analysis.

Qualifying Examination

A doctoral student in the mathematics track must take written examinations on abstract algebra and real analysis, as well as an oral examination in his or her chosen area of specialization. Subjects include complex analysis, control and calculus of variations, differential equations, dynamical systems, functional analysis, geometry, probability, and topology.

Required Courses

Abstract Algebra: 6
Abstract Algebra I
Abstract Algebra II
Analysis: 9
Introduction to Real Analysis I
Introduction to Real Analysis II
Complex Analysis I
Geometry and Topology (one of the following): 3
Introduction to Topology
Algebraic Topology
Differential Geometry
Differential Manifolds
18 credit hours of approved course work 18
Total Units 36

A student with a master’s degree in a mathematical subject compatible with our program, as determined by the graduate committee, must take 18 credit hours of approved courses. The graduate committee will determine which of the specific course requirements stated above have been satisfied by the master’s course work.