In addition to the major coursework listed, there are requirements of 10 hours of SAGES First and University Seminars, 12 hours of CAS distribution requirements, and enough open electives to bring the total number of hours to at least 126.

First Year Units
Fall Spring
General Physics I – Mechanics (PHYS 121)
or Physics and Frontiers I – Mechanics (PHYS 123)
Calculus for Science and Engineering I (MATH 121) 4
Elementary Computer Programming (ENGR 131) 3
Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 105)
or Principles of Chemistry for Engineers (CHEM 111)
SAGES First Seminar 4
Principles of Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 113) 2
General Physics II – Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 122)
or Physics and Frontiers II – Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 124)
Calculus for Science and Engineering II (MATH 122)
or Calculus II (MATH 124)
Principles of Chemistry II (CHEM 106)
or Chemistry of Materials (ENGR 145)
Principles of Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 113) 2
Other non-major course** 3
Year Total: 20-21 16-17
Second Year Units
Fall Spring
Introduction to Modern Physics (PHYS 221) 3
Calculus for Science and Engineering III (MATH 223)
or Calculus III (MATH 227)
Linear Algebra (MATH 307) 3
Non-major courses** 9
Classical Mechanics (PHYS 310) 3
MP Group I* 3
Elementary Differential Equations (MATH 224)
or Differential Equations (MATH 228)
Introduction to Abstract Algebra (MATH 308)
or Introduction of Scientific Computing (MATH 330)
Year Total: 18 12
Third Year Units
Fall Spring
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 313) 3
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 331)
or Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 481)
Fundamentals of Analysis I (MATH 321) 3
MP Group II* 3
Non-major courses** 9
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 332)
or Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 482)
Fundamentals of Analysis II (MATH 322) 3
Introduction to Complex Analysis (MATH 324) 3
MP Group III* 3
Year Total: 21 12
Fourth Year Units
Fall Spring
PHYS 3XX*** 3
Graduate Physics Laboratory (PHYS 472) 3
MP Group IV* 3
SAGES Departmental Seminar**** 3
Classical Electromagnetism (PHYS 423) 3
Senior Project**** 3-4
Non-major courses** 12
Year Total: 12 18-19
Total Units in Sequence: 129-132


* The “M&P group” of four courses corresponds to two physics courses and two mathematics courses. The physics courses would be chosen from PHYS 250, PHYS 349, and PHYS 350. The mathematics courses are subject to approval by the advisory committee and are thereby referred to as ‘approved electives.’ They may be chosen from the general list of mathematics courses at the 300 level or higher. Also subject to approval, students may choose a course from outside the mathematics and physics departments as a substitute in the M&P group.
** The number of open electives will vary depending on whether students choose 3-credit or 4-credit courses to fulfill other requirements (chemistry, senior project)
*** An advanced physics course to be selected from the following list: PHYS 315 Introduction to Solid State Physics,PHYS 316 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, PHYS 326 Physical Optics, PHYS 327 Laser Physics,PHYS 328 Cosmology and the Structure of the Universe, PHYS 336 Modern Cosmology, PHYS 365 General Relativity.
**** The Senior Project and SAGES Departmental Seminar should either be the Mathematics option (MATH 351 Senior Project for the Mathematics and Physics Program and a Mathematics departmental seminar), or the Physics option (, PHYS 351 Senior Physics Project, and PHYS 352 Senior Physics Project Seminar).