Analysis and Probability Seminar: “Tensor Products of Normed Spaces”

Join the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (MAMS) on November 20, 2018 for an Analysis and Probability seminar given by Dr. Stanislaw Szarek, Kerr Professor of Mathematics.  Dr. Szarek will speak on “Tensor Products of Normed Spaces.”  The seminar will take place in Yost 306, from 3:15–4:15 PM.

Abstract: We present various ways of defining natural norms on tensor products of normed spaces.  While we will mention some infinite-dimensional results, the focus will be on the case when the spaces are of finite dimension.  The talk is primarily aimed at students who had MATH 424 or MATH 327, but most of it should be accessible to everyone who knows what a normed space and the tensor product are.

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