Analysis and Probability Seminar: “The Hausdorff Dimension”

Join the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (MAMS) on December 4, 2018 for an Analysis and Probability seminar given by Runtian Miao, MAMS Graduate Student.  Runtian will speak on “The Hausdorff Dimension.”  The seminar will take place in Yost 306 at 2:30pm. 

Abstract: The goal of the talk is to present an introduction to Hausdorff  Dimension. Hausdorff dimension is a mathematical concept used to quantify the measure of a mass in space. It is always larger or equal than the traditional inductive (topological) dimension. It turns out that Hausdorff dimension is very useful when describing solutions of some stochastic differential equations, which are proposed as a model for the financial market. Further information can be found in the paper “Hausdorff dimension of regular points in stochastic Burgers flows with Lévy α-stable initial data” by  A. W. Janicki and W. A. Woyczynski.

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