Fall 2021 Undergraduate Choices Fair

The Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics Department offers four major programs,
two of which are available either as a BS or as BA. In particular, undergraduates can get a BS or BA in
Mathematics, a BS in Applied Mathematics, a BS in Mathematics and Physics (jointly with the Physics
Department), or a BS or BA in Statistics. Because the three mathematics options share a large number of
courses, it is possible to begin on one track and then switch if you find that another better suits you.

Mathematics plays a central role in the physical, biological, economic, and social sciences. Because of this,
individuals with degrees in mathematics enjoy excellent employment prospects and career opportunities.
A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or applied mathematics provides a strong background for graduate
school in many areas (including computer science, medicine, and law, in addition to mathematics and
science) or for a position in the private sector.

Statistics links mathematics to other disciplines in order to understand uncertainty and probability, both
in the abstract and in the context of actual applications to science, medicine, actuarial science, social
science, management science, business, engineering, and contemporary life. As technology brings
advances, the statistical theory and methodology required to do them justice becomes more challenging:
higher-dimensional, dynamic, or computer-intensive. The field of statistics is rapidly expanding to meet
the three facets of these challenges: the underlying mathematical theory, data analysis, and modeling
methodology, and interdisciplinary collaborations and new fields of application.

The Department offers the following degree options:
• BS or BA in Mathematics
• BS in Mathematics and Physics
• BS in Applied Mathematics
• BS or BA in Statistics.

In addition to the bachelors degree programs, five year integrated BS/MS programs are available in
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics.

For details on all of the programs, please check out the FAQs on our web site,

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