Dr. David Gurarie Featured in the Lancet Global Health Journal

Dr. Gurarie’s article, “Improving public health control of schistosomiasis with a modified WHO strategy: a model-based comparison study”, was recently featured in the Lancet Global Health Journal.  The article is in collaboration with Charles King, MD, Nathan C Lo, MD, Xuwei Zhu, and Emily Y Li.

The Lancet Global Health ranks first amongst all journals indexed in the Public, Environmental & Occupational Health subject category (2018 Journal Citation ReportsTM, Clarivate Analytics 2019). Please click here to view the article.




Schistosomiasis is endemic in many low-income and middle-income countries. To reduce infection-associated morbidity, WHO has published guidelines for control of schistosomiasis based on targeted mass drug administration (MDA) and, in 2017, on supplemental snail control. We compared the current WHO guideline-based strategies from 2012 to an alternative, adaptive decision making framework for control in heterogeneous environments, to estimate their predicted relative effectiveness and time to achievement of defined public health goals.

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