Professor Barbaro Recently Featured on the SIAM Homepage

Dr. Alethea Barbaro was recently featured on the SIAM publication’s homepage, for a recent joint article with researchers, Björn Birnir and Sam Subbey. The article, titled “The Capelin: Key to Predicting Global Warming Effects on Arctic Environments,” focuses on the capelin, a small fish that lives in Artic and subartic waters. Their primary research focuses on simulating and predicting the migration routes and life cycles of three of the several stocks of capelin worldwide.

Alethea Barbaro is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics at Case Western Reserve University. Her research focuses on mathematical models of the movement of social organisms, and she works with agent-based models as well as kinetic and macroscopic descriptions of these models. Barbaro’s current interdisciplinary collaborations include an international project to model the migrations and life cycles of the capelin (an Arctic species of fish) in a changing environment, and an experimental project examining human evacuation dynamics.

Check out the article on the SIAM news page here.

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