Dr. Elisabeth Werner is a guest professor at RUB, Germany, summer 2022.

Elisabeth Werner investigates the concept of the floating body in any dimensional space. In an interview, she explains the background and what brings her to the RUB.

In the summer semester 2022, the mathematician Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Werner as Caroline Herschel guest professor at the RUB. Already at the beginning of her career, the professor at Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio, USA, extended the concept of the floating body to multidimensional space. This method makes it possible to approximate numerous geometric and probabilistic quantities that are usually not amenable to exact calculations. This approach is already used in many areas of mathematics.

“Ms. Werner has been invited several times by international mathematical societies to give lectures on her field of research, also on a larger scale. For example at a meeting of the American Mathematical Society and recently she gave the public lecture at the Summer Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society. This is a great honor,” says your host, Prof. Dr. Christoph Thale.


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