Letter from the Chair

Dear CWRU math, applied math and statistics alumni and friends,

The department has been conquering many challenges and thriving in recent years. The department faculty has received many prestigious awards including Dr. Somersalo’s Guggenheim fellowship and Dr. Calvetti’s SIAM fellowship. We have been recruiting new tenure track faculty (4 joined in Fall 2023, one to join in Fall 2024). We also recruited two new instructors who will join us in Fall 2024. Our PhD program in Statistics is also reopened and we are ready to recruit new PhD students in Fall 2024. We have more academic and social events running to keep faculty, students and staff close together. We have a math graduate student association (MGSA) and SIAM student chapter leadership who are dedicated to creating a welcoming community for our graduate students. We also offered some new graduate and undergraduate courses. We also created an Instagram page to share news of the department. We are grateful to our entire community of friends who continue to support the department with their time, treasure and talent.

-Weihong Guo

Department Events

ASA DataFest 2024 @ CWRU

On April 12, 2024, 8 teams of undergraduate students gathered to dive into a large, complex, and very interesting data set.


The second annual Elizabeth S. Meckes Memorial Lecture

The second annual Elizabeth S. Meckes Memorial Lecture, “The Mathematics of Solitaire” was given by Dr. Persi Diaconis on April 5, 2024.


Professor Daniela Calvetti co-organized a Power of Diversity in Uncertainty Quantification

The desire to provide young researchers, in particular female and members of minoritized groups, the opportunity to network with their peers and with more experienced researchers around the theme of Uncertainty Quantification is what motivated  Dr. Daniela Calvetti, together with Dr. Annalisa Quaini (University of Houston) and Gianluigi Rozza (SISSA), to organize a satellite meeting to the SIAM UQ 2024 conference in Trieste, Italy on February 26, 2024.


Professor Elisabeth Werner co-organizes trimester program at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn

A Dual Trimester Program: “Synergies between modern probability, geometric analysis and stochastic geometry” is currently (1/8-4/19/2024) being held at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany.  Elisabeth Werner is one of the organizers.



The Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics is sad to announce the passing of Professor Mary Ann Horn on February 7th, 2024.


MAMS welcomes new tenure-track faculty

In exciting news, the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (MAMS) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) has bolstered its academic ranks by welcoming four new tenure-track faculty members.


Dr. Calvetti featured in SIAM celebration of Women’s History month

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring women and their contributions to the applied mathematics and computational science field. MAMS Professor Dr. Daniela Calvetti was one of those women.


Dr. Daniela Calvetti co-organized the SIAM UQ 2024 conference and satellite event on the Power of Diversity in UQ and was interviewed by the Italian State Television news station

Dr. Daniela Calvetti was in the organizing committee of the SIAM Uncertainty Quantification 2024 conference in Trieste, Italy at the end of February, and was a main organizer of a satellite event on the Power of Diversity in Uncertainty Quantification.


Dr. David Singer’s geometry about Solar Eclipse

Dr. David Singer’s geometry about Solar Eclipse.



Dr. Calvetti receives internal and external recognition as a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Calvetti was recently elected fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association.


Dr. Guo wins the Innovation Week’s invention award

Dr. Weihong Guo won the Innovation Week’s invention award for her patent with a former PhD student Richard Lartey (now at Cleveland Clinic Foundation) and Medtronic Distinguished Scientist and Technical Fellow Qingguo Zeng.


Dr. Sell receives Nord Grant to develop active learning

Dr. Liz Sell used some of her time developing active learning for multivariable calculus, thanks to a Nord Grant she received from the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE).


Graduate students award

2024 Graduate Dean’s Instructional Excellence Award: Roland Baumann

Undergraduate students awards

The Chair’s Award:

(1) Dagny McCann  (2) Shivani Shah (3) Emily Ye

The Lajos F. Takács Mathematics Prize: 

(1) Muhan Ji (2) David Connor O’Brien (3)Shane Douglas Redmond 

(4) Achintya  Sunil (5) Jeffrey Minzhe Wang 

The Max Morris Prize: 

(1)Brooke Hathhorn (2)Beckett Michael Pierce (3)Zeo Anje Vogt (4)Tingting Zhang

The Webster Godman Simon Mathematics Award: 

(1)Alex Alexandra Estler (2) Prarthana Jois Gajjala (3) Quin Platek

(4)Sierra Ray Williams  (5) Brian J  Zhang

The Wojbor Wołczyński Math and Statistics Award:

(1) Meilin Chen (2) Fred Lee (3) Katherine Min Shi (4) Katheryn Anne Uetz

New People

New Faculty

Anuj Abhishek                                               
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Statistical and Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems
Integral geometry
Microlocal analysis


Sakshi Arya
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Multi-armed bandit problem
Sequential decision making
Nonparametric estimation
Statistical learning theory
Spatio-temporal analysis



Eva Belmont       
Assistant Professor                                                                

Research interests:
Homotopy theory (classical, chromatic, and motivic)
Applications of homological algebra to homotopy theory




Abdul-Nasah Soale
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Sufficient Dimension Reduction
Causal Inference
Network Analysis

New PhD













from left to right: Attikin Rothacher, Amal Madhu, Emeka Otti, Ayorinde Olatunde, Vincent Cross, Quinnlan Aiken, Anjana Kodikara, Fabio Isaza, Graceanne Paz 
(missing Effrosyni Chasioti)